butoh performers

The following performers will perform a scheduled piece at the second part of the day (after 5 pm), which will also be composed of live music, Butoh jams, and possible conferences. Artists are in alphabetical order.

Adam Koan (USA)

Adam is founder of Shadowbody and guide/facilitator at Himalaya Subbody Butoh.


Aleksandar Isailović (Serbia)

Aleksandar Isailovic is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni. 

Alessia Mallardo (Italy)

Psychologist (Dance Therapy) and Butoh Performer. Freelance, she is involved in social and in artistical projects working with NGOs and assisting last three years Atsushi Takenouchi’s Jinen Butoh School. She is a big promoter of Yumiko Yoshioka’s work and Noguchi Taiso.

Alex Wynne (Australia)

Alex is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh guide and videographer.

Alina Arbitman (Ukraine/Israel)

Part of the Tel Aviv based Bubutoh group led by Shlomtsi Mazuz.

Anna Kushnetova (UK)

Sibetian, living in uk: Practicing performance, dance, video, sound with elements of butoh, earth, somatic, shamanic


Anna Nela Styra (Germany)

Anna is a Himalaya Subbody alumni from Leipzig. Guides groups in somatics and performs self-created Butoh pieces in India and Germany. Since last year (2018) in apprenticeship for somatic work/ dance therapy.

Anys Mechkar (France)

Anys is a butoh performer with experience from Himalaya Subbody Butoh.

Bodhi Marina (Ukraine)

Ukraine-based butoh performer

Carmen Lafran (Italy/Germany)

Carmen Lafran is a Berlin based performer, visual artist and philosophy researcher from Italy. In her projects she brings together butoh dance, painting and post-structuralism philosophy investigating the artificial and manipulable nature of identity and the ephemeral idea of a subject behind movements.


Cilla Vee (USA)

Claire Elizabeth Barratt (aka Cilla Vee) is an inter-disciplinary artist with a performing arts background. She is the director of Cilla Vee Life Arts – an arts organization with a focus on cross-media collaboration. Her work utilizes artistic disciplines of dance, music, text, media, visual and installation art.


Emilia Liimatainen (Finland)

Emilia is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni. 

Gora Pindi (India)

Gora is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni.

Honza Svasek (Netherlands)

Honza is the mastermind behind Free Butoh and has a regular Butoh camp in Tumkur, India (south India). Also an alumni of Himalaya Subbody Butoh.


Julie Becton Gillum (USA)

Julie Becton Gillum is an international butoh performer and butoh festival organizer based in North Carolina. 


Ken Mai (Japan)

Ken Mai is an international Butoh performer and guide currently living in Finland. Studied directly under Kazuo Ohno. He is also a former Zen monk!


Laurence Mersegair (France)

Laurence is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni.

Maelstrom Maom (Canada)

Went through Himalaya Subbody Butoh.

Margarita Tseng (Taiwan)

Margarita is an international Butoh performer and a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni

Marco Nektan (Serbia)

Marco is a trans-media artist and trans-ritual performer. Founder of Nektan art.


Nabila Khan (India)

Nabila is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni.

Özerk Sonat Pamir (Turkey)

Ozerk is a Subbody guide at Subbody Butoh Himalaya.


Philemon Mukarno (Phillip./Netherlands)

Philemon Mukarno, composer & performance artist, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Polina Paula Gapo (Russia)

Paula is an actress, clown, and performer. Graduated from Moscow institute of Art. Throughout 15 years, has been in theatre and tv shows. Lives in Barcelona currently. Paula will do a Butoh-inspired performance.

Rita Soma (Spain)

Rita has background in physical theatre and is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni.

Santeri Vikström (Finland)

Santeri is a Subbody guide at Himalaya Subbody Butoh.

Sonja Kilpeläinen (Finland)

Sonja is a Himalaya Subbody Butoh alumni.

Suzi Cunningham (UK)

Suzi Cunningham a Scottish-based live-performance artist who delves into ritualistic responses to the seen and unseen. Her current work explores how the primal body meets the modern world.

suzi's website

Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE (South Africa)

Philemon Mukarno, composer & performance artist, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.