butoh guides

The following are the tentative guides for 2020. We have a few more spots open for guides. Workshop schedule will be determined. Because of the estimated quantity of the participants, there will likely be two classes going on at the same time.

Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE (Luxembourg/South Africa)

Tebby returns to the retreat to deliver more Afrobutoh! He is South African choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, researcher & cultural activist. He arrived in Europe in 1995 after working with different theatre and dance companies in South Africa and abroad.


Maya Dunsky (Israel)

Maya is a multidisciplinary artist, Butoh dancer, choreographer and painter. She was a direct disciple of Kazuo Ohno for 3 years starting 1985.


Kea Tonetti (Italy)

Kea is a dancer, choreographer, performer and teacher, eclectic artist who has made dance her primary path, interweaving many other disciplines, such as theatre, voice and yoga, in her personal and spiritual growth, which have nourished and enriched her artistic and pedagogical message.

kea-tonetti website

Michael Paul Henry (Scotland)

Michael makes performances.  His starting points are dance, music, writing and ritual. His artistic approach grows out of punk rock and Butoh.