Register as performer, educator, both, or other for the dates of August 17 to 30, 2020. The pre-retreat days 15th and 16th are also available if you want to get to the space earlier in order to get situated (recommended).

Registration starts at 50 Euros (56 Dollars) at the lowest sliding scale price. Please be conscious of your own financial privilege.

€100+I am financially stable, and so I have a little extra to contribute to support the butoh guides.

€75 I am more or less financially stable, so I can help a little bit.

€50 I am not financially stable. It takes great sacrifice for me to even get to the retreat.

Your space at the retreat will not be reserved until this registration fee is paid. The retreat maxes out at 60 participants (guides included) per day.

Step 1: Fill out the form below. Performers are to send a small description of who you are, the title of the piece you want to do, and the length (recommended length: 10 minutes; maximum length: 20 minutes).

Note: Performance availability is on a first come, first serve basis. Early registration is recommended if you want to perform a piece.

Step 2: Performers and everybody else, send a photograph representing you to

Step 3: Make payment at the Shadowbody donation PayPal here.

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